Product Name : Hydraulic Rolling Machine
Product Description

Hydraulic Rolling Machine

Adopt twin-shaft type spindle. Rolling is driven by hydraulic, the coiled rollers are made with urethane which is durable to form varies metal sheets into accuracy cylinder products.



The machine are able to be design into varies metal materials as your requirements, such as 「Diameter、Length、Thickness」etc. Please send your specifications by E-mail 「」.

Applications: Exhaust pipes, Light steel drums, Coffee pipes, Coffee makers, Air conditioning pipes, Stainless steel trash cans, Ducts, Kettles, Fire extinguishers, Mufflers, Water heaters, Thermos, Tyre rims, Steel cylinders, Submerged Motor, Air duct engineering, Lighting, water dispenser liner, Motor outer covering, Solar energy, Electric water heater storage tank, filter, etc.